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Magnetic Therapy

How long does it take for the Magnetic Therapy to work?

How should the jewelry fit for maximum effect?

Do I need to wear the jewelry near the area it hurts for it to be effective?

Can I shower or swim with your jewelry on? Is it waterproof?

How long do the magnets last? How long will they keep their strength?

What kind of magnets are used in the jewelry?

Which directions do the magnets face the skin?

What is the science behind Magnetic Therapy?

How do I get the necklace to lie flat?

Is it okay to wear the bracelet on the same wrist as a watch?

How does the clasp work? Do you have directions?

How do I use the link resizing / adjustment tool?

Warranty & Returns

How do I initiate a return for items purchased directly from your website (

Do you have a warranty on your products?

General Questions

Where are your products made?